Friday, June 01, 2012

May Comment Contest Wrap-Up & Winner

The comment contest I did for the month of May is over, and the winner is franchie15! Congrats - I've sent you an email!

This comment contest has been awesome. I got SO MANY comments, guys! And those comments made me so happy. I love that I got to know some of my readers a little better, especially those who don't have their own blogs. It's easy to interact with fellow bloggers - they read my blog; I read theirs. But I think we sometimes tend to forget that there are also people who are just readers, and not bloggers, which the comment contest helped me remember. I loved getting to know some of my non-blogger readers, and I was so happy to have actual conversations going on in the comments! The reason I started this blog was to talk books with people who read the same books as me, since I don't know many people IRL who read YA. So it's been awesome how much I could talk to other bookish people in the comments - I got these long, thoughtful comments asking me questions and initiating bookish conversations and stuff like that, and I just loved it so much. And it made me so happy that some people commented on my reviews telling me where I could be wrong or where they disagree with me - I love when people disagree with me (politely) and want to discuss something like that. Disagreement - as in, leaving a comment on a review and explaining why you felt differently about a book - is something I think is lacking in the book-blogging community, so I think it's awesome there are comments like that on my blog.

But, even though I loved the comment contest last month, I won't be doing one for June. Not because I don't want to, but just because I'm broke, and I already have a different kind of giveaway planned for later this month. I really hope some of my newfound commenters will still leave a comment every once in a while, and I'll be definitely be doing a comment contest again sometime, just not this month.

Thank you so much for all the comments!!! I really wish I could give a book to each of you!


  1. Hi Hannah! I've sent you an e-mail. ;) Thanks so much. <3

  2. Congrats!

    It was a lot of fun:)


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