Monday, March 19, 2012

Book Blogger Confessions #4

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Every second week there is one topic that has something to do with book-blogging that you can discuss on your blog.

This week's topic is:

Everyone LOVES that book! Why don't I? How do you handle being the one reviewer who doesn't like a book that's taking the blogosphere by storm? Do you write a review? Pretend you didn't read the book?

This has happened to me countless times. There are so, so many books I decided to read after reading loads of positive reviews only to disappointed by the actual book. It's never fun to read a book you don't like, but it's especially frustrating when it seems like everyone else liked it.

But, honestly? There's nothing you can do about. We all have different opinions. I know there are bloggers who only post positive reviews, but I don't want to - I give my opinion on the books I read no matter what. Even if everyone else loved it and I hated it, I'm still going to review the book.

That doesn't mean I feel good doing it. When I hit 'publish' on that negative review, I always picture one of my blog readers going 'What? Hannah didn't like that book? How could she? That's my favorite book ever! She has no idea what she's talking about. If she didn't like that book, I can no longer count on her for book recommendations. I'm not reading her blog anymore.' I know, it's pretty unlikely that someone would think that - I'd never unfollow a blogger I like just because she gave a book I love a bad review, and I doubt anyone else will. But I still think that way.

I tell that voice inside my head to go away, though, and I post the review anyway. I just think it's important to write both negative and positive reviews, even if that means disagreeing with the majority every once in a while. Each person has their own opinion, and we're not always going to agree - that's just the way it is.

After writing my review, I usually go to Goodreads and read other reviews for that book. And even if it felt like every blogger loved the book, I can usually find at least one negative review among my Goodreads friends' reviews. Even though I try not to be influenced by other people's opinions, that usually makes me feel better, knowing I'm not the only one for whom that super-popular book just didn't work.

So that's how I deal with being what feels like the only one who doesn't like that book everyone is buzzing about - I push through and post my negative review anyways. What about you?


  1. Hannah @ In the Best WorldsMarch 19, 2012 at 5:05 PM

    When there's a lot of hype around a book, I feel like it's easier to be disappointed. I get really nervous about posting negative reviews and I worry like you do.
    P.S. You have a great name =)

  2. This happens to me so much haha. Me = black sheep! You know, I don't really care I just call it like I see it >.<

    Xpresso Reads

  3. I agree with you about the need to post a review even if it isn't overwhelmingly positive. Different readers have different tastes. There must be readers like us even if we are the minority about a title. I usually do get sucked into the hype and buy a book though. Of course, I can always donate it to my HS media center if it isn't to my taste.

  4. My response is about the same as yours. I think all points of view need to be out there. I've never not read a book based on negative reviews and other bloggers have always been supportive if I haven't loved a book. 
    The key is to make it clear what worked and what didn't and don't make it personal against the author or other readers.

  5. With a negative review I have looked at a book too. Different readers have different reading tastes..that what make the all the reviews so different. 

  6. I hate pressing the 'submit' button on negative reviews too!  But I actually feel better when I've done it and gotten my thoughts out there - I'm a big fan of people brave enough to do it :)

    I actually like to see a few negative reviews mixed in with all the gushers, and sometimes the negative reviews are the ones that actually make me pick up the book - a character, a plot line, language use etc that someone else hates may just be exactly what I DO like!

  7. Jo @ FluidityofTimeMarch 20, 2012 at 12:23 AM

    I try to make sure my review is balanced if I didn't like a book.  For every thing I didn't like, I can usually find some kind of positive element to balance it.  It's rare that I just hate a book (thank goodness).

  8. I hate when that happens, when I read a book that is ridiculously popular, and then I don't like it, because I always have such high hopes going into reading the book, and am then let down when I just can't seem to get into it.

    I'm a new follower btw. :)

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  9. I like bloggers who review negative and positive reviews. For me, if the blog contains all positive reviews, I don't really well, "trust" in a way. When a blogger does both kinds, they are more reliable for me. 

    But I get why some bloggers don't want to post negative reviews. No one likes to write them, they make you feel bad. And wondering how the author is going to take it, it gives you nerves. 

    I enjoy reading negative reviews of books I liked because I want to see what they saw that I didn't. 

  10. I would never stop reading your reviews just because you didn't like a book that I loved - but I completely know what you mean. After writing a less than glowing review I am always second guessing myself - was I too harsh, was I missing something really obvious? But like you said not everyone will like every book.

  11. Thanks for sharing! Seriously, it's good advice... To kind of let it go? I hid so not unfollow a blogger just because she negative reviewed a book! Actually, I kind of like reading bad reviews--the often the most thoughtfully written and the funniest ;)

    When I hit publish, I feel exactly the same way, though ;) and I always worry the author will stumble across and I'll hurt their feels... Err... That sounds a little narcissistic... You know what I mean, right??


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