Sunday, July 01, 2012

July Comment Contest

I will be doing a Comment Contest for the month of July! I know I said I wouldn't do one again for a while because I'm broke, and, well, I am, but I couldn't resist! The difference between the comments I got in May, with the comment contest, and in June, without a comment contest, is HUGE. And because I love comments, I'm doing another comment contest for this month, even though my wallet will not be happy.

It'll work the way my first comment contest worked too: For each comment you leave on my July posts, you will get one entry for the giveaway. Please make the comment meaningful - if it's just one word or something, the entry will not be counted. The giveaway will be open from now until July 31st. It's open wherever the Book Depository ships - check here if you're not sure whether they ship to your country.

From those entries, I will select one winner, and that winner will get one Young Adult July release of their choice. You can check out my July Releases post for some inspiration, but it doesn't have to be included in that post in order to count; it can be any July release, as long as it's classified as YA.

So, to enter, fill out the quick form below, and start commenting! Make sure to fill out the form below, or your entries will not be counted!!!


  1. Hi Hannah! I'm back after finishing all my papers and projects for my final grades;) So I can spend time commenting again;) BUT I've been reading your reviews and you've added lots to my wishlist:)

    Hope you LOVED graduation;)

    1. Yay! I'm looking forward to more of your thoughtful comments - they always make me happy :)

      My graduation was great! Hope all of your university stuff went okay!

    2. I'm doing a summer semester now, with means there's work, but not as bad as a regular semester:)

      Glad you had a great time at graduation!!

  2. Nice contest. I've seen the list of books coming out in July. Many sound like good reads. I wish I had the time to read as much as I'd like. Actually, now that I think about it, retirement is starting to look better and better. Just think of the reading time I'd gain--like 10 1/2 extra hours a day. Wow! I might make a tiny dent in my backlog.

  3. Yay I love these types of contests! And I love commenting:))

  4. Your reviews always hit the bullseye in a book and is really helpful when deciding which books to add to my wishlist. And of course I enjoy hearing about new books. Thanks for your honest reviews!


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