Friday, February 03, 2012

This or That with Amanda Grace (In Too Deep Blog Tour)

Today we have Amanda Grace/Mandy Hubbard here for a This or That interview! This post is part of The Teen Book Scene's blog tour for In Too Deep by Amanda Grace. You can find out more about the tour here. Make sure to visit all the other stops of the blog tour if you'd like to know more about In Too Deep!

Summer or winter?
I actually just love the whole changing-of-seasons. I would never want eternal summer or eternal winter, because it’s the transitions I love! That first spring day where you can bust out the shorts! That first Autumn morning where you can see your breath! 

Vanilla or chocolate?

Day or night?

Coffee or tea?

Movies or TV shows?
Movies! I am seriously dying for my 4 year old to get a little bit older so we can go see a bunch of silly teen chick-flicks together. 

Outdoors or indoors?

Hardcover, paperback or e-book?

Reading or writing?

YA or adult fiction? (for reading, not writing)

Typing on the computer or traditional writing on paper?
Typing. I ABHOR hand-writing. I actually would probably stop writing all together before I wrote on paper. 

The fun fiction you write as Mandy Hubbard or the darker stuff you write as Amanda Grace? (as in, what do you like writing more) 
Writing the Mandy Hubbard books comes much easier to me. I think my forte is just the commercial, plot-heavy books. The quieter, character-driven stuff is really quite hard to write. But I’m always proud of what I’ve done, in the end!

Superpower: Being invisible or being able to fly?
Ooooh. I think Fly. I hate traffic, and after wrecking a few cars in my teens, driving sometimes gives me anxiety.

Being in a crowd or being alone?
If it’s a crowd of writers or agents, I feel SO excited and happy and at home. But crowds in general—I’d rather be alone.

Being able to change the past or living with your mistakes?
Living with mistakes.

Thanks for the great interview answers, Mandy!

Make sure to check out all the other posts in this tour, and keep your eye out for In Too Deep, which will be released on February 8th.

In Too Deep by Amanda Grace

(Amazon | Goodreads)

I never meant for anyone to get hurt. All I wanted to do that night was make a play for Carter Wellesley. His heartless rejection was mortifying, but people got the wrong idea when they saw me leaving his bedroom, crying. That’s how rumors of rape started.
Now girls at school are pouring out their sympathy to me. Guys too. But not everyone’s on my side. The school has become a war zone and the threats are getting scary. What began as poetic justice has morphed into something bigger—forcing me to make a terrible choice.


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