Thursday, July 14, 2011

Teenage Garage Sale post by Margie Gelbwasser (Inconvenient Blog Tour)

This post is part of The Teen Book Scene's blog tour for Inconvenient by Margie Gelbwasser. If you'd like to know more about the book you can read my review here and you can find out more about the tour here. Make sure to visit all the other stops if you'd like to know more about Inconvenient!

Today we have Margie Gelbwasser here for a Teenage Garage Sale post! A Teenage Garage Sale post is basically just a guest post on what kind of things we’d find if Margie were to have a garage sale of items from her teenage years.

I have always wanted to have a garage sale, so this is my chance! To be honest, I would have NEVER parted with some of the stuff below as a teen, but the grown up me can let them go.
1. My Brandon and Dylan pins (the heartthrobs from the original Beverly Hills 90210). These babies weren't the tiny kind you'd put on your purse for decoration. Uh uh. They were BIG. And I had them right on my nightstand—for sweet dreams.

2. My diary with the rhinestone, puffy, purple cover. Never would I really sell this because it's filled with deep tidbits like, “I really really like Joe. My books fell on the floor today, and he helped me pick them up. Did he know I purposely carried that many books by his locker?” But, man, I can see it ending up in a box accidentally.
3. My junior and senior year prom dresses. How can you not include prom dresses in a garage sale? The black and white one, was for my junior prom, which I went to with one of my best friends. And the red with a set-up, and we're still friendly. My proms weren't crazy romantic or anything, but I still remember being asked and how excited I was to go. And, c'mon, those dresses are so cute!

4. My geometry book. I hated this thing, and if I got money out of it, something good would have come out of this class. While we're at it, I'll throw my Chemistry book in for free.
5. A mix tape of Guns 'N Roses and Poison music. I LOVED their music. At my eighth grade dance, a boy asked me to dance to Every Rose Has its Thorn and I thought it was the most romantic thing ever. It was going to be my wedding song. That or Paradise City. When the time, neither made the cut. Go figure.
6. My Units outfit. Total coolness, guys. I mean, the pink belt could be worn as a belt OR a skirt OR a top. Here I am wearing it at age 12. Rockin' it, huh?

7. My band uniform. Cowboy hat. Need I say more? Our school mascot was a bird, then a pirate. I don't know where the cowboy hat fit in. The recipient of this piece d' resistance, can have loads of fun with it. It can be a Halloween costume, an accessory for line dancing classes, or a great way to embarrass your siblings or—if you're a parent—your tweens or teens.

Thanks for the great guest post and the fun pictures, Margie!

Make sure to check out all the other stops of this blog tour, and keep your eye out for Inconvenient - it's already been published!


  1. What a great idea for a post! I just read INCONVENIENT and I loved it!

  2. Thanks so much, Denise! I was so excited to see this idea as one of the interview options. So fun to write!


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