Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Interview (Book Line Answers) with Angela Fristoe (Songbird Blog Tour)

Today we have Angela Fristoe here for an interview with book line answers. This interview is part of The Teen Book Scene's blog tour for Songbird by Angela Fristoe. You can find out more about the tour here. Make sure to visit all the other stops if you'd like to know more about Songbird!

What was your inspiration to write this novel? What made you decide to write about such dark topics?
I was all too aware of the fact that it wasn't a perfect world. The drama was too good not to do.

How would you describe Songbird's main character, Dani?
Pretty quiet. One of those cool by association anomalies. Attempting to act as if everything was normal.

Has writing always been your passion?
Yes...No... I don't know. The desire to write drove me to my room. I frantically grabbed for a pen to write with before I lost the words.

Is there anything you'd like to say to your readers?
I wanted to run, but fear paralyzed me. I was throwing away chances every day. Get over it. Put your past behind you. Get yourself together. Move on.

What do you like to do when you're not writing?
Watch a few movies and enjoy not being subjected to simulated public sex.

Thank you for these great answers - they're hilarious!

Angela Fristoe is a debut novelist with Little Prince Publishing and is gearing up for the release of her first YA romance, Songbird. She was the winner, and double finalist, in the Romance category of The Strongest Start Contest 2010 hosted by The Next Big Writer. When not writing, she teaches and spends time with her family. Make sure to visit her website and blog! Keep your eye out for Songbird, which will be released June 30th 2011!

Songbird by Angela Fristoe
(Amazon  / Goodreads)

There are defining moments in life when everything changes. For Dani Mays, it was the day she witnessed her father kill her brother. Now seventeen years-old, she still hasn't put it behind her.
After Jace's death, she bounced between her alcoholic mother and foster homes, until she found a permanent place. And a reason to stay: Reece Tyler. He's her best friend, yet Dani wants more from Reece.
Faced with possibly losing Reece, Dani struggles to define his place in her life and escape the memories of her brother's death and the influence it has over her choices. Even as she weaves the pieces of her heart back together, the past becomes more than a memory when a former foster brother reappears and Dani begins receiving threatening phone calls.


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