Saturday, May 14, 2011

Should I Keep Doing Memes and Blog Hops?

If you read my blog regularly, you know I do quite a lot of memes and blog hops. I do Waiting on Wednesday, Follow Friday / Book Blogger Hop, On My Wishlist and In My Mailbox. I usually skip one of those (sometimes IMM because I didn't get anything that week or FF because I don't like the question), but that still leaves me with an average of four memes and blog hops a week.

When I started blogging, I loved doing those posts because they generate traffic to my site. Now, though, that I have a base of followers (no, my blog isn't huge, but I have the feeling there's actually someone out there reading what I have to say, so it doesn't feel pointless to write my reviews), I have some doubts. The main reason I do them now is to have something to post. If I didn't do any memes, I'd only post two or three times a week - I can't read and review a book every day. Obviously, I know I don't have to post every day, but it just feels weird to me not to post at least 5 times a week.

However, I think my blog looks kind of cluttered the way it is, with so many memes, and I'm afraid they draw attention away from my "real" content.

So I'd like you guys to let me know what you think. It'd be great if you could vote on this poll and/or leave a comment if you have something longer to say about this. Thanks!


  1. I've been debating memes on my blog too. I do Friday hops, IMM, and On My Wishlist. I really like IMM and OMW because they really help draw attention to books, especially if you won't be doing a review anytime soon. Friday hops let you reveal a little about yourself.

    My problem is the opposite of yours in that I have too many reviews. I currently have reviews written into June, and I post them 4 times a week. To me that seems like a long time away to post. Personally, I've been thinking about dropping the Friday hops and post a review on that day instead. But I haven't decided.

    I think you really need to do what feels right to you. Don't feel pressured to do a meme or post every day.

  2. I feel ya with the meme posting. I still participate because I'm trying to get my following base up, but it feels too fluffy most of the time. I also relate to what you mean about not posting every day because you don't have reviews for every single day of the week. It's hard. I feel weird when it takes me longer than a day or two to finish and review a book. I feel like the others out there in the blog-o-sphere are running circles around me. =/ But I think quality far exceeds quantity. I would rather hear about new, interesting books that people have read/found over meaningless fluff posts any day of the week. If you decide to drop off on your meme posts, keep the ones that bring attention to new books. Those tend to be more valuable, at least in my opinion. =)

    BTW... I enjoy your reviews, even if I don't comment all the time.

  3. I love some memes but not the blogs that have a meme everyday, it becomes a little too much and I usually do just two a week and I don't post everyday if I don't have anything to post I just don't do it, it's not like it's a rule it's a hobby not work for me. =)


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