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Review: Something, Maybe by Elizabeth Scott

Something, Mabe by Elizabeth Scott
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Goodreads description:

Everyone thinks their parents are embarrassing, but Hannah knows she's got them all beat. Her dad made a fortune showcasing photos of pretty girls and his party lifestyle all over the Internet, and her mom was once one of her dad's 'girlfriends' and is now the star of her own website. After getting the wrong kind of attention for way too long, Hannah has mastered the art of staying under the radar . . . and that's just how she likes it. Of course, that doesn't help her get noticed by her crush. Hannah's sure that gorgeous, sensitive Josh is her soul mate. But trying to get him to notice her; wondering why she suddenly can't stop thinking about another guy, Finn; and dealing with her parents make Hannah feel like she's going crazy. Yet she's determined to make things work out the way she wants only what she wants may not be what she needs. . . 

First sentence: Everyone's seen my mom naked.

My rating: 3 out of 5 stars

I love Elizabeth Scott, but I was a little disappointed by this novel. Something, Maybe is still a pretty good, fun read, but it's not as great as the other Elizabeth Scott novels I've read.

Since this is Elizabeth Scott, the writing is still great - vivid, beautiful and graceful. The characters are good - it is so easy to relate to Hannah. From the first page on, I understood all of her insecurities. The secondary characters are great, too. I loved the original family situation - I don't think I've read about anything like that before. Teagan is a great character too - not the typical best-friend-role.

***The next two paragraphs sort of contain spoilers, but that part of the novel was so predictable, I don't think it would make a difference to know this beforehand. Still, you have been warned.***
My favorite part of Something, Maybe is the romance between Hannah and Finn. He is just so cute, and I love how they treated each other.

I know, so far my review sounds really positive, so maybe it doesn't make sense I only gave this book 3 stars. I did enjoy this book - it's a fun read! But I did have one big problem with Something, Maybe: There is no real development, no character growth. Hannah doesn't deal with her insecurities at all - she's just as shy and self-conscious at the end of the book as she was in the beginning. Yes, she chooses Finn instead of Josh, but there's no real development there either - from the beginning on, the reader sees what a pretentious douche Josh is. I would have preferred if Josh had seemed a little nicer in the beginning, so that the reader could understand who he really is along with Hannah. The same goes for the Jackson-storyline: It is completely obvious her father is using Hannah for publicity, and there is no development, no resolution in that storyline either. This lack of development made it hard for me to see the point of the whole story.

Something, Maybe is a fun, quick (albeit predictable) read with good writing and characters. But since there's no real development or character growth, it's not my favorite Elizabeth Scott novel. If you haven't read anything by Elizabeth Scott yet, I wouldn't recommend this one, but if you're already a fan, this is a pretty enjoyable read.


  1. Great review. Honest and straightforward. I like for my characters to have some growth and development too when I'm reading. If they don't experience some kind of change, then I feel like I wasted my time.


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