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15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Day 1

I've decided to take part in the 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge! I only found out about this, like, 30 seconds ago, but I love the idea, so I'm taking part anyways. I don't have as much enthusiasm about this blog as I used to and don't post as much as I'd like to, so this challenge could really help me get excited about bloggy things again and also get me back into the habit of posting on a regular basis. I don't think I will post for every single topic, but I'll do as many as possible. The 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge is hosted by April from Good Books and Good Wine, and you can find out all about it here. Here's the schedule:

Today's topic are book-related confessions.

1. I have the worst memory about what happens in books. It only takes, like, a month for me to forget everything that happened in a book. There's been times when I'm recommending a book to someone and they'll ask whether this-or-that happens, and I will stare at them with a blank face because I will have absolutely no idea. And that doesn't mean the book didn't make an impression on me; I don't even remember what happens in my favorites. I'll remember whether or not I liked a book, but that's it.

2. Even worse than my memory for plots is my memory for character names. Not even while I'm reading a book will I know what the characters are called. Usually, when I write my reviews and talk about characters, I will put something like *main character*, *best friend*, or *love interest* instead of the characters' names, and once I've written my review, I will read through the book's synopsis and other people's reviews to find out the characters' names so I can add them to my review. Again, this does not mean the characters didn't make an impression on me; I can just never remember their names...

3. Characters do not look like people to me. When books are turned into movies and people complain that the actors don't look the way they pictured the characters is the only way I even noticed that other people do picture characters like actual people. To me, they're just kind of gray blobs walking around. I notice the implications of the physical descriptions for the character's personality, but I don't notice the actual physical description - details like the color of someone's hair barely even register to me, unless they play an important part of the story.

4. I always want to get through books as quickly as possible. I don't even know why, but I'm usually happy when there's a chapter break and an almost blank page because that means I'll get to the end sooner. Even if it's a book I'm really enjoying and would like there to be more of once I get to the end, I'm always racing to get to the end as fast as possible.

5. I can spend hours organizing my bookshelves and making sure all my books are aligned and look nice.

6. I am a cover whore. There's books with mediocre descriptions that I bought because of their beautiful covers, and books that sound great that I haven't read because I don't like the cover.

7. Cover changes is one of the things that bugs me most in the world. When my books don't match because of cover changes, or when they change a pretty cover to an uglier one for the release of the paperback version... I get ridiculously worked up about things like that.

8. I have read almost no classics. When I tell people I read a lot and am an English major, and they start talking about how much they love one classic or another, I just stare at them blankly. I've thought about reading The Classics, but then I start making lists of all the books I should read and just give up and go back to reading what I like to read.

9. I have read barely anything outside the contemporary YA genre. I've tried going outside my comfort zone, and I've read a couple of books from most genres. But I never like them as much as contemporary YA, so that's always what I go back to - I usually tune out once I see it's any genre other than my favorite.

10. I NEED to keep my books in perfect condition. I know some people say they like seeing that a book has been read and re-read, but bent corners and all of that makes me cringe. I read my books carefully, trying not to bend the spine. I've even bought another copy of a couple of my favorites that I'd read too many times for them to look nice anymore.

11. I have a hard time not judging people who don't read. I have plenty of friends who don't read, but it always makes it harder for me to start to like someone when they tell me that they don't read for fun.

12. When I lend my books, I go a little crazy worrying about whether or not my friends are treating my books right. I love forcing people to read the books I've read, so I do lend them, but... when others read my books and don't treat them with total care, it takes a LOT of control for me not to rip my book out of their hands and never let them touch it again.

13. I can't leave the house without a book. Even if I'm going somewhere where there's absolutely no chance I'll have time to read, I feel so much better knowing it's there just in case I do need to wait around somewhere.

14. It is almost impossible for me to DNF a book. I just have this thing about finishing every book I start, even if I'm hating it. I wish that had anything to with giving the book a chance, not being able to judge a book until the last page, etc. but that's not true - I know from early on that I won't like a book, and it usually ends up getting a very negative review. Honestly, it has more to do with my obsessive organization - books I've read go on my regular shelves, and books I haven't are stacked on a separate shelf. What would I do with books I didn't finish? That alone is enough to force me to finish every book I start.

15. I can't stop reading unless I've reached the end of a chapter. I'd so much rather end on a cliffhanger at the end of a chapter than at a less suspenseful part in the middle of a chapter. I even try to plan my reading to stop after the 5th or 10th chapter or something like that. That's why alternative formats or really long chapters bug me - they can work really well for the story, but... where do I stop?

So those are my 15 bookish confessions! Do you agree with any of these, or am I the only crazy one? Tell me some of your bookish confessions in the comments!


  1. 1-4 is totally me too. I also agree with #13! Great list!
    Brittany @ Spare Time book blog

  2. #11 Me too! I have a lot of friends who don't read, but my closest friends are all readers.

  3. As I read more and more it is getting difficult to remember the plots and characters of specific books!

    I also don't have full formed images of characters in my head. It is like they are more defined by their personality than their physical description (which, really is how it should be in real life!!).

    Down with the cover changes!!

  4. I'm with you...I can barely remember what a book is about within a week of reading it! Sometimes my memory dumps the information as soon as I start a new book. That makes writing reviews fun! I try to take notes as soon as I'm done reading to jog my memory for when I write the review.

    The benefit to not remembering everything about a book....I can read them again. I've read a lot of books many times and still get hooked. Harry Potter and Pride & Prejudice are top on that list.

    I also never leave the house without a book, my Nook, or my Kindle. Sometimes all 3! I always find some time to read, even if it's just a page or two.

    Great post! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh my gosh I'm awful at remembering what happens in books too! I've had to reread first books before the sequels lately to remind myself ;) I have the same problem as you about lending my books, and I made the mistake of lending one once and it came back literally falling apart so I don't lend books anymore ;) Great list!

  6. We are scarily similar when it comes to 1,2, and 4. Like you, I get PSYCHED over a page break or a blank page in a book because that means I get to the end faster and on to the next book, even when it's something I am very much enjoying.

    ALSO! Yes, I cannot stop reading until the end of the chapter as well, unless my boyfriend shuts the light off for bed, that's super annoying but usually i sneak the book into the bathroom and finish chapter while brushing my teeth.

    Thanks for joining in!

  7. We have a bunch of the same confessions lol. Like the lending a book out and rearranging our shelves. I always forget what happens in books too. I'm rereading Delirium and Pandemonium this week so I can read Requiem finally bc I forgot everything that happens lol.

    My Confessions


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