Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Review: Love? Maybe. by Heather Hepler

Title: Love? Maybe.
Publisher: Speak
Release date: January 1st 2012
Pages: 288
Genre: Young Adult contemporary romance
Just because Piper's birthday is on Valentine's Day does not mean she's a romantic. In fact, after watching her father and then her stepfather leave, she's pretty sure she doesn't believe in love at all. Then her friends concoct a plan to find them all Valentine's dates, and somehow Piper finds herself with the most popular guy in school. But true love never follows a plan, and a string of heartfelt gifts from a secret admirer has Piper wondering if she might be with the wrong guy.
My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Yes, it's cheesy. And yes, it's predictable. And no, I would not want to be seen in public reading this book (that cover! ARGH). But honestly, who cares? Love? Maybe. is well-done in its clichedness, and I enjoyed reading it, and that's all that matters.

Even though this book seems very much like straight-up romance, it doesn't have the typical romance-feel to it. Rather than one love story, it's a bunch of smaller ones, even if Piper's takes the main focus. Piper's mom and her friends Claire and Jillian each have their own story, and I love how they all work together. The secondary characters are well-developed and add a lot to the novel.

Piper, though, is what makes this book awesome. She's not your typical YA heroine. She's cynical, but not in a hopeless, unrealistic way; her feelings are very relatable. I don't even know how to describe her; I just loved her so much. She's a little oblivious, but I didn't mind, because I guess that's the point. And yes, the romance is completely predictable, but when it's well-done, with fun quirks and details like the ones in Love? Maybe., I don't mind predictable romances at all.

And of course, the candy. Piper works in a candy store, and a large part of the book is set there. I don't think I need to explain why that makes this book awesome.

Love? Maybe. is in no way deep or meaningful, and it's a story that's been done a million times before. But the writing is clever and fun, and the characters are fully-developed and unique, making this book stand out from all those cutesy romances. If you're looking for a quick, entertaining read, you should definitely give Love? Maybe. a try.


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