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Top Ten Tuesday #14: Beach Reads

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This week's topic is:

Top Ten Books I'd Recommend as Good Beach Reads

All of these are books set in summer and have a more light feel to them, nothing too dark!

1. The Summer of Firsts and Lasts by Terra Elan McVoy

Terra Elan McVoy's style isn't for everyone, since the plot in her books (well, the ones I've read) moves very slowly, but I for one love them. Her writing is very understated, but in the best way possible, and The Summer of Firsts and Lasts basically screams summer.

2. The Summer series by Jenny Han

These books are probably going to be on everyone's list, but rightfully so, because they're amazing. I just love getting lost in Jenny Han's writing, and those characters, and just... these books are perfect summer reading.

3. Moonglass by Jessi Kirby

Moonglass does deal with some more serious issues, but the tone stays light-hearted, so I think it'd still make a good beach read.

4. Unbreak My Heart by Melissa C. Walker

I liked Unbreak My Heart when I first read it, but I wasn't completely in love with it, like a lot of people seemed to be. The more I think about it, though, the more I can appreciate this book's understated beauty. I'd love to be able to read this at the beach, looking out at the ocean...

5. Wanderlove by Kirsten Hubbard

I think this is the perfect book for anyone stuck at home but wishing they were traveling the world.

6. And Then Things Fall Apart by Arlaina Tibensky

And Then Things Fall Apart might be more summer read than beach read, but whatever. I love this book, and it's a light, fun summer read.

7. Anything by Sarah Dessen

This one is a given - no explanation needed.

8. Stealing Heaven by Elizabeth Scott

I haven't seen too much buzz about this one, but Stealing Heaven is one of my favorite Elizabeth Scott books because the set-up is so unique.

9. Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler

I'm not sure if this book really belongs on this list, since it does deal with some darker issues, but the tone is light and it has a very summery/beachy feel to it.

10. Playing Hurt by Holly Schindler

A lot of people were disappointed by this book, and I can see where they're coming from, but I for one really enjoyed Playing Hurt.

These are (some of) the books I'd recommend as beach reads - what are some of your favorite lighthearted summer reads?


  1. Shane @Itching for BooksJune 12, 2012 at 4:32 PM

    Nice picks!

  2. There are so many books on this list I want to read - like Wanderlove. Awesome list!

  3. I agree whole heatedly - Sarah Dessen's books ARE summer! :) I'd like to read the Summer of Firsts and Lasts too :) thanks for the suggestion!

  4. Whole heartedly

  5. Lots of those on my list too:) And I JUST read Unbreak My Heart, I can't believe I forgot to include it on my list!

    My Top Ten

  6. Gautami TripathyJune 12, 2012 at 6:32 PM

    Great choices. I am gonna add to my already LONG tbr pile!! Come check mine too: 

    Here is my Top Ten post!

  7. Great list! I agree with your choice of Jenny Han - I've only read the first in the series, but it's the perfect kind of book for a sunny day. Wanderlove is on my to-read list, it sounds like exactly the kind of thing I love!

  8. Sarah Dressen is showing up everywhere. I love your perspectives offered for each book, too. Great list. 

  9. Such great picks! :) Definitely adding some of those to my must-read list for this summer. 

    Check out my TTT?

  10. Sarah Dessen has made it on to a lot of Top Tens this week. I'll have to check her work out.

  11. I'm now going to put Wanderlove on my list since that is my plight, exactly and I've been thinking Jenny Han, so I should dive into The Summer series now that I finished Burn for Burn. Also, I was tossing and turning about Twenty Boy Summer, myself when making my list... I feared the dark times might lead some readers to public tears which, for me, would be too hilarious for words! :P

  12. I love your list! I haven't read many of these, but I am going to have to add them to my summer TBR pile!


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