Friday, June 03, 2011

Changing My Reviews

I've been thinking about changing the way I write my reviews. The first idea I have is to add a linky to the end of each review, where you could link to your review if you've reviewed the same book. What do you think? Would anyone link their reviews or read the reviews linked there?

Another thing I've been thinking about is adding more information about the book to my review. Right now I only include the title and author, but some other blogs add things like the publisher, the number of pages, the release date, why I read it, etc. Do you like knowing those kinds of things about books?

Also, I'm wondering if anyone uses the links I include in my reviews (well, not only reviews, but also memes and features). Right now I include links to the book on Amazon and Goodreads. Are these links helpful? Would you like links to any other bookish sites included?

Thanks for helping me with this! If you have something longer to say or have any other ideas for making my reviews better, please leave a comment!


  1. I like to include other people's reviews of a book in my review, but I usually find reviews based on whether or not they've posted it on Goodreads. It's somewhat effective, since not everyone posts their reviews there. I'd be interested to see if posting a linky works.

  2. I do my reviews the same way you do and I've been contemplating whether to add extra info and if anyone actually cares or wants it. So I'm interested to see what they say about that. Keep me posted.


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