Monday, June 06, 2011

Changig My Reviews (Part 2)

On Friday I asked you guys what you thought about me making some changes to my reviews here. So let's have a look at the results!

First I asked what you thought of my idea of putting a linky at the end of my reviews for you to link to your review if you've reviewed the same book. The response was really positive: Only 4% said they weren't interested in that feature, while 83% said they'd link to their review and 61% said they'd read the other reviews if it's a book they're interested in. I'm going to do add a linky to my next 10 reviews or so and see if anyone actually links their reviews, and then I'll decide whether or not I'll permanently do that feature.

I also asked whether you wanted more general info about the books I review, such as publisher, release date, number of pages, genre/age group and where I got the book. You guys are most interested in release dates (79%), but all types of info got a pretty positive response (nothing less than 40%). I've decided to add all of those, except for why I read the book - I think if it's somehting noteworthy I'll just include it in the main part of my review. Someone also said they were interested in links to author sites, which I hadn't thought of before. That's a great idea, though, so I'll add that, too.

Then I asked what links to bookish sites you'd like me to include in my posts. Goodreads is the site most of you're interested in (88%), followed by Amazon (44%). The other sites just got 6% each, so I'll stick with only including links to Goodreads and Amazon, which is good, since those are the sites I use as well.

I have one more question that I forgot to ask last time. I always include the first sentence of the book in my review. Does anyone actually read/like those?

Thank you for voting/commenting and helping me with this! What do you think of my decisions?


  1. I like knowing the first sentence it's so interesting :)


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