Sunday, May 20, 2012

My New Treasures #4

My New Treasures is a new weekly feature here at Paperback Treasures to showcase all the books I received over the previous week. I do not take credit for this idea.


Nothing Special by Geoff Herbach (Amazon | Goodreads)
Insurgent by Veronica Roth (Amazon | Goodreads)
Social Suicide by Gemma Halliday (Amazon | Goodreads)
Hooked by Catherine Greenman (Amazon | Goodreads)


  1. Lots of great books! :) I LOVED Insurgent so much! :) I love the cover for Social Suicide! Hope you enjoy all your books :) Happy Reading!

  2. OHMYGAAAAD INSURGEEEENT :"") Sorry. I just got so excited that you have read it (Am I right? Or are you just going to read it? Something's wrong with my headset). I have a copy with me now. But I don't want to read it yet since I've heard that there's a really really really big cliffhanger there. And I'm not so ready for that. But I'm so ready for Four. :"") I still like Four than Tobias though. :(

    Anywaay, CONGRATULATIONS for having more time for reading and vlogging. Such great news. When's your official graduation by the way? :) 

    I hate the fact that the bookstore made you wait for days then just have you get the book by yourself. That's truly irritating. -.- But at least, you got the book now!

    I'm sorry for Nothing Special. :( I'm planning to buy that especially because I want to see your quote there! Still, I'll buy to read it of course. I trust your taste in books, you know. ;)

    I haven't read Deadly Cool. Sadly, my country's bookstores do not have that. </3 Though I want to read it and of course, Social Suicide! Hooked sounds a genuine teenage pregnancy book though I have heard from others that it's kind of boring. But I'll see what you say about it. 

    I just received my copy of Insurgent last week. And that's MORE than enough for me. :")

    Hannah! Enjoy your swimming and your summer! *HUUUGS*

  3. Oh man, my comment was cut. :( 
    Anyway, I'll continue what I'm saying. I want to read Deadly Cool and of course, Social Suicide. Hooked sounds a genuine teenage pregnancy book though I've heard from others that it's kind of boring. But I'll see what you'll say about it. :)

    I just got my copy of Insurgent this week and that's enough for me. :"")

    Enjoy your swimming and your summer, Hannah! Happy Reading! *HUUUUGS*

  4. I so want to read Insurgent!! *-*

  5. enjoy all
    and have a great summer

  6. I have read it, yeah, and I loved it! Yes, there's a HUGE cliffhanger!! I still call him Four, too - I hate that Tris calls him Tobias now :(

    My official graduation is June 31st! (I know, weird that it's so late, and so long after I finish classes, but the German system is weird.)

    Aww, that's sweet <3 I was really excited about it, too, and the finished copy has like three pages of review quotes, so I'm kinda bummed they didn't include mine. But oh, well, you should still read the books :p

  7. I cannot wait to get Insurgent I'm borrowing a copy so I'm ready to devour it! I also read Hooked back when it came out and it was pretty good. I hope you enjoy everything and here's my IMM!

    ~Paige @ Comfort Books

  8. Oh Hannah, I'm sorry if I have two comments. I swear. My computer's messing up with me!

    Oh shoot. I think I can't read that. LOL I can't wait for another good year! I know right. I wonder why Veronica changed it. Still, he's Four. <3

    Yeah, it's kind of late! But at least, you'll have time now. You must be both happy and sad about graduation. Congratulations in advance! :) What are your plans for college anyway?

    WHUUUUT They have three pages of review quotes then you're not included? I wish they did! I hope in the future. :)

  9. Fab books this week. Insurgent is great. Hope you enjoy your new reads

    Showcase Sunday

  10. It's fine - it might even be my commenting system, cause Disqus kinda sucks. 

    Ha! That's probably a good idea, if you can wait that long! :p I get why she changed it and it makes sense with the story, but... I WANT FOUR!!!

    Thanks :) I will be coming to the US for college and I am super excited! :D

  11. Congrats for graduating!! You have to post a photo of you in your cap and gown when it's time for the ceremony:) I loved my graduation, we had such a great time (and I have to say I held on to my cap because I wanted to keep it and I just gave it a little toss:)

    I've heard awesome things about Social Suicide - great selection of books this week!

    Hope you had a great time swimming - and one question: behind you there's a poster of either a dog or a big cat because there's a huge paw that's visible. I'm a huge animal lover and I was wondering what animal is on the poster:)

  12. Thanks! But I live in Germany, and we don't have that whole cap/gown thing, just a boring ceremony :p

    That's a dog, resting his head and front paws on a rock (and looking adorable), and on top it says Lazy Days :D

  13. Hopefully you'll have parties or a dance after graduation to celebrate!

    Love that it's a dog (I was almost sure it was - I recognize those paws!!)

    Have a great beginning of summer vacation:)

  14. I'm so sorry you're not quoted in the final book//: if we got taken out of Circle of Silence, I will cry....  but at LEAST you GRADUATED *PARRRRTAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!* why are you NOT screaming, dancing & jumping in this video?!?! I haven't graduated yet and I want to do that xD I will get Nothing Special and I will WRITE in whatever you were quoted for, just for you haha, especially since I wanted to read Stupid Fast forever now. Again it sucks you got insurgent late but at least you loved it in the end (that's all that matters!!) I don't think Hooked has an embarrassing cover but than again my standards are reaaaally high because of the adult books I read.This ----> ( ) is embarrassing and NO it's not erotica, it's actually a pretty dang amazing book. That's why you never judge a book by it's cover!! lol. Happy reading!!

  15. 1. Congratulations on your graduation!  2. Boo for all the trouble getting Insurgent.  3. I CANNOT wait to see your review on Insurgent.  I want to read this book soooo bad.  4. I'm also curious about your Hooked review.  I'm on the fence about this book.

  16. I've been tempted to read it for a lot of times already. But I don't want to have a cliffhanger hangover. Am I making sense? I'm curious why. So it's kind of connected to the story? He's always Four, anyway. :))

    YEEEEEEEEEEY. \m/ What school are you going into and what course are you taking up? So you'll live in a dorm?

  17. Yes, they NEED to keep our quotes in Circle of Silence!! I will boycott Harlequin if they don't. (Okay, no I won't, but still :p) Writing in the book is evil!! But maybe I can make an exception for my review quote. And you should read them, they really are good :)

    Ehh... I do my happy dances in private :p I'll do something party-ish in my next vlog, if you want :p

    Okay, true, that cover kicks Hooked's cover's ass in embarrassing-ness. But still - I'm easily embarrassed by book covers... And if you read that as an ebook (like I'm assuming you are), it's not as embarrassing as when I walk around with a physical book with that cover!

  18. Yeah, I get that, and it's definitely a good idea, since the Insurgent cliffhanger really is huge. But I couldn't wait like that - and the book is SO GOOD! Well, I think it makes sense Tris starts calling him Tobias as their relationship progresses - Four is what everyone calls him, but he let Tris in and told him about his past and his real name, so that's what she calls him. But still, I prefer Four :p

    I will be going to Denison University! (Is that something I shouldn't be posting online? Oops :p) Yep, I'll be living in a dorm! I don't really know yet about courses, but I'm planning on majoring in English!

  19. you know the letter "W" doesn't work on your posts... or at least not in the titles.

  20. Umm... what do you mean? There's a W in this post title!?

  21. Insurgent was SOOOOOOO good! Compeltely amazing! Although I must admit I did like Divergent better! :) Killer cliff hanger!

  22. That is great collection of books i like it and appreciate it.Thanks for publishing


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