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Teenage Garage Sale Post by Antony John & Giveaway (Thou Shalt Not Road Trip Blog Tour)

Today we have Antony John here for a guest post and a giveaway! This post is part of The Teen Book Scene's blog tour for Thou Shalt Not Road Trip by Antony John. You can find out all about the tour here. Make sure to visit all the other stops if you'd like to know more about Thou Shalt Not Road Trip!

Teenage Garage Sale Post

This guest post is a Teenage Garage Sale post! A Teenage Garage Sale post is basically just a post on what kind of things we’d find if Antony were to have a garage sale of items from his teenage years.

One (1) barely used but seriously dinged-up double bass, because he thought that any self-respecting musician needed to play at least one string instrument. Then he realized how much easier it was to transport his flute, and so didn’t play the double bass much. By man, did he bash that thing up getting it in and out of the car! ($100, but you have to ship it yourself.) 

A complete collection of Tintin books from the 1970s. Dog-eaten, and with pages missing, but with all culturally insensitive, racist, and sexist storylines intact. ($10, to cover postage.)

One (1) Aiwa Walkman, c. 1984 with three (yes, three) fluorescent green graphic equalizer sliders. The front is missing, and the circuitry is so messed up that it doubles as a pocket warmer, but it travels well. Indeed, it’s so sketchy looking that it caused the previous owner to be pulled into a private screening room at three (yes, three) consecutive airports. (Free to anyone who wants to spend an hour being searched by TSA officials.)

One (1) Saracen mountain bike. Exceptionally well-made, possibly indestructible, but weighs more than a Mini Cooper, and therefore isn’t necessarily perfect for cycling up, well . . . mountains. Which is ironic. ($50, but buyer must be strong enough to cycle it away. Check with your physician before purchasing this item.)

One (1) Slazenger tennis racquet. Barely used, and with almost perfect string tension, on account of the fact that the previous owner couldn’t hit the ball any faster than five miles per hour. However, like the mountain bike (above), it dates from the 1970s, and is therefore made of cast iron. ($5, which will seem like a bargain when it becomes an antique. Wait . . . it already is?)

One (1) really fancy stereo system, which he bought because (a) he was a music snob, and (b) didn’t have anything (or anyone) else to spend his money on. The components are so well made that they’re still in perfect working condition, much to his parents’ chagrin, as they’d really like to get the damn thing out of the house. I mean, sheesh, the kid hasn’t even lived in England for two decades! ($250, because it sounds soooo good. I think.)

One (1) full army combat outfit (including boots) from the time he joined his school’s cadet force in an attempt to prove that he wasn’t just a music-loving, touchy-feely wuss. The fact that he lasted exactly one hour perhaps underlines the fact that this particular mission was unsuccessful. Luckily, the school took the gear back, as he hadn’t even had time to build up a sweat. (Oops, I guess that item isn’t for sale, after all. Sorry. Better luck next time, aspiring cadets!)

Thanks for having me along today, Hannah. And a big hi to your readers!

Thanks for the great guest post, Antony!

Make sure to check out the rest of the tour stops, and keep your eye out for Thou Shalt Not Road Trip, which will be released on April 12th. You can visit Antony on his website and on Facebook.

Thou Shalt Not Road Trip by Antony John
(Amazon | Goodreads)
When sixteen-year-old Luke's book, Hallelujah, becomes a national best seller, his publisher sends him on a cross-country tour with his unpredictable older brother, Matt, as chauffeur. But when Matt offers to drive Luke's ex-crush, Fran, across the country too, things get a little crazy. Luke thinks he's enlightened, but he really needs to loosen up if he's going to discover what it truly means to have faith, and do what it takes to get the girl he loves.


Antony was so generous to offer a signed ARC of Thou Shalt Not Road Trip for a giveaway! I haven't read this book yet, but if it's anything like Five Flavors of Dumb (my review), you're not going to want to miss it!

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  1. Patricia's ParticularityApril 6, 2012 at 5:04 PM

    I have heard great things about this book.  I have never read a 'Road Trip" ya book before but this sounds amazing!

  2. Love the post:) I loved Five Flavors:)

    Like this we got to know a lot about the author:)

  3. I think I now have to read the original Tintin. Wow sounds interesting!

  4. I absolutely loved Five Flavors of Dumb so I am excited for this book.  Thanks for the giveaway =)

  5. looks like a great summer read!

  6. Thanks for bringing me on board, Hannah, and for hosting the giveaway. And yay to all the commenters - you rock!

  7. Love the garage sale, especially the walkman. Nothing like rocking a cassette player! Don't know if I would like to take on that security threat though. Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. Heather@The Flyleaf ReviewApril 7, 2012 at 4:26 PM

    Oohhh, I featured this on my WoW a couple weeks ago! Love road trip books, and the author seems very cool:) thanks for the giveaway! New follower!

  9. Christina FrankeApril 7, 2012 at 5:17 PM

    I've been wanting to read this since Stacked gave it an awesome review. *crosses fingers*

  10. I'm excited about this book! I've heard great things about Five Flavors of Dumb, and I love road trip books!

  11. Thanks for the chance to win!

  12. Thanks for the giveaway :D The book sounds awesome!

  13. I've been so excited about this book! I love roadtrip books! Eek! 

  14. I love road trip books! This sounds like a fun novel(: Thank you for the giveaway! 


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